we welcome you to rent our houses and lodgings in central locations near to Universities and close to the train station.
The rooms are equipped with modern comfortable furniture and every room has its own pantry-kitchen with refrigerator, stove and sink.
All rooms are heated by a central heating system and most houses have coin-operated washing and drying machines.
Most courtyards of the houses are equipped with tables and benches that are a nice place to sit and enjoy the warmer season.
The rent of a single room ranges from 230 to 290 Euro per month (excluding electricity costs) plus WiFi connection 5 Euro per month.
There is to pay a security deposit of two month’s rent in advance. Furthermore, a one time 25 Euro cleaning fee must be paid upon moving in.
We recommend that you bring person items such as dishes, cooking pots, blankets, pillows, bedding etc. along with you.
The apartments / rooms are to be rented for at least 12 months. In exceptional cases, the rental contract can be limited to a shorter period, e.g. Course attendance, internship, semester abroad, etc.
You are always welcome to tour our rooms. Please call us in advance at +49 (0)(461 53053 or send an Email to info@krogsons.de to set up an appointment.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely
Dr.Hermann Krog

Furnished Rooms

The furnished rooms are equipped with different furniture. There are sockets for WiFi in the rooms.

Every room has its own pantry-kitchen with refrigerator, stove, sink and water heater.


We rent furnished apartments in different districts of Flensburg,

for example Flensburg-Nord, furnished 1 or 2 rooms, kitchen, toilet, Shower, furnished or unfurnished € 350 to € 480 plus electricity.

Please tell us in which district you are looking for an apartment and tell us the size of the apartment you want.


At the beginning of each week the shared bathrooms are checked for cleanliness by our caretaker.


Our caretaker strives to look after you in a customer-friendly manner.

If you have a request please call our caretaker on 01702282449